A Complete Guide to Landscape Services and How They Can Transform Your Property & Business

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is a design and building process of your outdoor space. This can be achieved through various methods, including designing a yard and planting the plants, designing buildings or walkways, or adding fences. Landscaping projects can be as small as adding a new tree in a garden or as large as designing a golf course.

What are the different services offered by Landscaping Company?

The services offered by landscapers could be anything from design and maintenance of private yards, public parks to commercial spaces. Landscapers offer a variety of services to beautify and maintain the aesthetics of any property. Services include:

-Drainage and Erosion Control

-Landscape design and irrigation

-Tree and shrub Service

-Lawn Pest and Weed Control

-xeriscaping and hardscaping

Drainage and Erosion Control service

drainage control service

Drainage Control Service is the process of minimizing the amount of water that can get into a building by using drains, gutters, downspouts and other components.

Erosion Control is a landscaping technique used to stop soil erosion and protection of water quality. It is basically prevention of soil erosion. Soil erosion can happen in many ways, such as water running downhill and carrying tiny particles of soil with it. Another way is wind that carries pieces of sand or dust with it.

Landscape Design and Irrigation

landscape design and irrigation

Landscape design and irrigation service is a technique of installing plants, trees, and shrubs in a way that will enhance the appeal of the area. The design process starts with assessing a site, identifying its potential, and then developing a plan for its use.

The service includes preparing the site for planting and installation. The benefits of Landscape Design and Irrigation are increased resale value, reduced water usage, and a healthier environment.

Tree and shrub Service

tree and shrub service

The health of a tree is dependent on the quality of care it receives. If you have any concerns about the health of your trees, commercial tree care services are available to help. These services include a variety of treatments such as planting, watering, fertilization and pest management. A certified arborist can inspect and diagnose the health of your trees, and provide a plan for optimal treatment and maintenance. 

Shrub services help to maintain the aesthetics of your property. Shrub services can be a great investment for any property owner. There are many benefits to these services, including increased safety, an improved aesthetic appeal, and an enhanced curb appeal.

Lawn Pest and Weed Control

lawn pest and weed control

Lawn pests and weeds can be a big problem for any lawn owner. These unwanted guests can quickly take over an area and make it difficult to enjoy your space. Regular weed control services are the best way to prevent these pesky and uninvited guests from ruining your lawn. 

Lawn pest control services can keep your yard looking healthy and green all season long. This helps in the prevention, treatment, and elimination of pests from lawns and properties.

Xeriscaping and Hardscaping


Xeriscape landscaping is a type of landscape design that uses plants, soil amendments, and irrigation techniques to create an environment with a reduced need for supplemental water. Xeriscape gardens are low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and sustainable.

Hardscaping refers to the hard surfaces in your yard such as patios, walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. It can also include retaining walls or garden edging. Hardscape adds structure to your yard by defining boundaries between different areas or providing pathways for walking through the garden.

When you are looking to add some life to your property, the best way is to hire a landscaping service. A landscaping service will transform your property by adding new life to it. It will give it a fresh look that you have been wanting for a long time. It can make all the difference when it comes to making your property feel like home again.

In this guide, we’ve covered all the basics of landscape services and how they can transform your property or business. If you are located in Texas or nearby do contact EarthWorks Commercial Landscapers for all your landscaping needs.